Through your eyes

There is a point in everybody’s life, well most peoples lives, where the face we once knew changes. Not so much the face but the eyes, the windows to the soul so to speak. It’s the day we lose our innocence, when suddenly the world becomes less magical and we change the way we react in order to protect our selves. I’ve seen it happen to so many people, more gradually than instant but the outcome is always the same. If our eyes truly could speak after this day I don’t think we could recognize their voice.

I challenge you, next time you are in a public space, maybe a shop or in a busy street, take notice of those rushing by you. Don’t look at the entirety of their face look beyond the masks that pledge a different story. Look at someone’s eyes and see what they tell you. Generate some sort of understanding or if lack of anything else an interpretation to how they really feel. Link this to the setting and the way they seem to portray themselves to others and you’ll end up with a pretty in depth understanding as to how someone really is. If not, then at least you’ve used your imagination for the day.

I’ve realized there is so much more to a person than the front they put up and although some try to hide it your eyes will always give you away.


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