If you could do one thing and one thing only in your twenties what would it be?

As my 20th birthday nears I’ve decided I want to compile a bucket list for my twenties. The list will be full of experiences and achievements some generic and some unique. I think it’s important to set goals and live a life full of experience and worth living, so let’s do this!

If anyone has any suggests of things to add to my list let me know. I’m curious to hear other ideas and it’d be great to add things I wouldn’t usually do

Let’s paint the town

Don’t get me wrong usually this place is filled with boring plain government buildings just like any other city. But for two weeks of the year we see an art show which transforms the drab into an expression or a concept. This year is by far one of my favourites. It represents freedom of speech and the power of a community. Canberra lit up and covered government buildings in hashtags that have trended recently. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such an expression of people power and pride to be a part of a society that cares, a society where we can express how we feel and our believes and still live harmoniously. Viva the ‘berra!


Is the memory really a memory?

Memories, he’s thinking. Where do they come from? Can you count them as senses? Do they live in your organs? Do you make them or do you just host them? And if it’s the latter, does the world want them back?
– The Summer Exercises, Ross Gibson

On the topic of memories, what are they? We remember these moments sometimes so clear we can see a vision in our minds. Over time though the picture changes sometimes slightly and sometimes dramatically. Do our memories just become what we want to see over time? Do we glorify our memories or exaggerate unintentionally  to make something become more significant or meaningful over time?

Recently we lost someone in my family and I spent a while remembering moments I had had with this person. The things I remember cant be remembered by anyone else. Memories are so personal and no one could ever share the exact same recollection as our own. I do think that over time we make moments sound more attractive to those listening to our stories. We use particular words to create suspense and climax. But if our memories cant be a true representation of a moment what can be?

How does our mind decide which moments will become memories and what’s to be forgotten over time? For example I can vividly remember on one occasion walking to my older brothers primary school with my dad and dog to collect him. I would have been about four and I could show you now exactly where we waited for him. Why was this something my mind chose to remember? Why didn’t my mind choose to remember the last conversation I had with my Abuelo before he was sick? Why don’t I remember the things my Uni text books are suppose to be teaching me?

I don’t understand the inner workings of the mind and maybe we are not supposed to. Now if only we could choose our memories over time.

Pride for the great Aus!

War memorial Sydney 18.1.15 War memorial in sydney 18.1.15
Over the weekend I found myself in Sydney wandering the streets aimlessly. I was walking along when I came across the War Memorial. Inside the building was a small room. The roof was dome shaped and carved in stars while the walls contained quotes and war memorabilia. It was a beautiful building encrusted with pride for our nation. All I have to say to all you Australians is: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi,Oi