Barcelona Casa Batllo Gaudi 17.6.15 edit

17th June 2015 Barcelona cont.

Today we began our Topdeck tour. Our group had already been together for just over a week so it was intimidating joining the group. Just before we met everyone at the hotel we took the time to check out one of Gaudi’s famous building the Casa Batllo. The exterior was incredibly intriguing though the inside wasn’t what I expected. The inside has been restored and was quite plain. You use a phone to see how the building used to look.

After meeting up with our tour a few of us visited the amazing Sagrada Familiar. I can’t express how breathtaking it was. It was so detailed and incredibly colourful inside.

17.6.15 Barcelona Sagrada Familiar Gaudi

Barcelona 17.6.15 Sagrada familiar edit gaudi
Afterwards we went down to the Barcelona Marina. I’m not exaggerating when I say every few minutes you are harassed by someone trying to sell you something whether it be fake tattoos, mojitos, towels or to braid your hair. At one point we had three people at once who fought over prices one always going lower than the other.


Travel DIY

My boyfriend and I set ourselves a DIY project. We stencilled outlines of the countries we visited over June/July and then placed the maps we used behind. We added lyrics from a song named Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart to give it a personal touch. In all we visited 6 countries (Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, Vatican City and Greece) and I can’t wait to travel some more.


16.6.15 Barcelona edit MNAC Museu Nacional d'art de Catalunya

16 June 2015 Barcelona

We visited ‘Font Magica de Montjuic’ and its surrounds. The fountains were absolutely beautiful! Just behind it was ‘MNAC Museu Nacional d’art de Catalunya,’ which was breathtaking though we didn’t go inside. From there out hotel reception advised us to continue walking up a small hill where we would find a castle. When we finally arrived, sweat dripping off… well everything, it turned out to be a cemetery. And oh my god did it smell!

We tried to get out of there as quick as possible completely  baffled at where we had gone wrong in our directions.

Afterwards we took a walk to ‘Park de la Ciutadella’ which was filled with all types of people relaxing in the park.  I Must say Barcelona you completely redefined the meaning of sore legs!

16.6.15 Barcelona Park de la Ciutadella edit

Malaga 13.6.15  (25)

12th June 2015 – Malaga

Malaga holds a special place in my heart. My Abuelo was born there and through his entire life told me how special it was. He passed away earlier this year before I went to Europe.

Finally arriving in Malaga I wished he were here to share his hometown with me. I even looked for a key chain the same as the one he used to carry but had no luck.

Malaga 13.6.15 edit

We visited the busy marina which he loved so much. It reminded me of pictures I have seen of Miami. Beach chairs, umbrellas, little bars on the side walk and swimmers that reveal a little too much.

Among the beauties of Malaga is what used to be a roman amphitheatre. We had a nice walk to the top which gave us a beautiful view of the city in its entirety.
Malaga 13.6.15  (1)

I’m so glad I kept my last promise to him and made it to Malaga.

* Tip: Visit monuments early. The Spanish sleep a lot later so when we arrived at the monument at around 8am nobody was awake which means no lines or blaring heat.

Cordoba 11.6.15 (43)

11th June 2015 – Cordoba

The Fortress Gardens were a high light for me in Cordoba. The castle steps were so steep my thigh began to twitch, begging me to stop. With excitement I ignored their complaints and carried on to see Cordoba from above and the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen!

Cordoba 11.6.15 (62)

The streets in Cordoba are very narrow particularly in the Jewish Quarter. We found ourselves watching the locals jump into door ways some how predicting a car was coming. After a few days we learnt to listen for cars and find a doorway to step into as they passed. This is by far my favourite place in Spain.

Cordoba 11.6.15 (93)

Gran Via Madrid 9.6.15 edit

Tuesday 9 June 2015 3pm

The first thing I noticed in Madrid was the people. As we walked out of the international airport there were groups of people, families and old women. Some held signs saying “Welcome Home” written in Spanish. They looked hopeful as we walked out like it was possible it was us they waited for.The next thing that struck me was the smell – a familiar smell. It was Abuela’s perfume.

The streets here are always busy and not much is open before 11am. The sun goes down late and the skies are littered with rooves of old buildings, some with statues others with scaffold. People smoke as if it’s a way to breathe and everyone is going somewhere in a hurry. The roads are chaotic with cars in every direction. The street is a constant hum of an engine, every so often breaking for the screeching sirens. Motor bikes park on the sidewalk and swerve between cars though unsafe its probably the easiest way to get around.