What are you?

I found myself in a random old town staring down this guy.

I’m not sure what it is, there were no signs or buildings around but I feel like I should be scared.


“I know these will all be stories someday. And our pictures will become old photographs.”
Perks of being a wallflower, Stephen Chbosky


A beautiful soul

Shout out to the 80 year old woman I met yesterday who showed a beautiful soul doesn’t diminish from age. She spent just over half an hour speaking to me about old age, equality and dreams. She said to me “it doesn’t matter about age, colour, gender or anything like that if you believe in yourself you can have whatever you want in life.” If I can still have that much self belief and a soul as kind as hers when I reach 80, I know I’ve lived my life well.

x. Keep dreaming dreamers.

I was literally glowing

I messed up. I bought an ‘red’ dress online the only problem is it wasn’t red, it was fluro orange. I’ve never considered myself daring in the fashion department nor have I ever been bothered to return something so I was stuck with this dress, whether I looked like a traffic cone or not. Worst thing was under blue lights everybody seemed to fade but my dress was GLOWING (yes we need extra emphasis on the word glowing). I had someone tell me they saw my dress glowing from outside the bus, so there’s a clear indication to just how bright it was.DSC_0072

I went to the Communications ball held by my University. It was at the fanciest hotel we have in my city and it was a lot nicer than my high school and college formal put together!  So in other words I was out of place. Being or should I say acting fancy does not come easy. I was a little unsure of how to act, the waiters came around and made sure to refill my glass of champagne every time I took a sip. They personally unfolded a napkin and placed it on my lap before I ate and all I could do was say thank you and think to myself I could have done that, are rich people always this lazy?

So while I pretended to be rich and fancy I had a great night, probably one of the best.