Only in Byron

The ultimate getaway. An abundance of culture. The talented, the colourful and the complete crazy. That was Byron Bay over the weekend.

I’d never been to Byron before but I heard it was full of hippies and seekers of all things Zen. I was in complete awe on arrival. Every corner (I’m not even exaggerating) had somebody playing an instrument and singing. These people weren’t just the terrible buskers you find in metropolitan cities, they all had real talent and were just having a good time bopping along to their own tunes. People walked the streets in the wackiest of outfits but somehow it worked. It’s the type of place where people make an effort to be friendly and sincerely apologise if they bump into you. People just aren’t like that where I am from. You can imagine how easy it was to fall in love with such a place.

And then there was Splendour. Ah the greatness of a music festival. Roughly 27,500 people were there each day and oh my god was it cool.
All you Australians out there will know what I mean by this, it looked like the set of Puberty Blues. For all you non-Australians picture the seventies. Boys with long blonde hair, wacky colourful outfits and drugs and alcohol. That’s what it was.

Now usually I am completely against the use of recreational drugs and drinking until you vomit but on this particular occasion it was all part of the scene I was in. It was part of the culture. I had no complaints.

What an experience. I witnessed some weird things and even walked around bare foot to immerse myself in the culture, as I like to put it. Byron is an amazing place and for any of you travelling north Sydney or anywhere in Australia at all I recommend you make a visit to the most relaxed place I’ve been. Stay at a hostel and meet backpackers from all over the world (there’s no shortage of them,) make an effort to talk to strangers and forget about work or anything you only do because you have to.

Just go to Byron.

Answers to the fear

My last post was kind of confusing, I spoke about an upcoming event that scared me a little. The event was… I got my wisdom teeth out. Surprise, Surprise!

It wasn’t getting the teeth out that scared me, it was the anaesthetic part. I hated the idea of not being in control of my body and not being aware of what was happening around me.

Anyway I did it!

Surprisingly, I wasn’t afraid when I arrived at the hospital. I was actually quite calm despite what my shivering body seemed to suggest (it was from the cold weather I swear!) I think the worst part about it all was being woken up in a room full of beds, with a machine beside me beeping like crazy and the nurse saying “We need you to wake up, your heart rate is very fast. I need to get a doctor.” Apparently my body hates hospitals and proved it by having four different allergic reactions. Oh the joy.

When dad could finally see me he bought me a teddy named Bobby. Bobby is the name of my dog and when dad gave it to me he said “I wanted you to have Bobby with you when you woke up, it was either him or a hippopotamus and I didn’t know if you liked them. So I thought Bobby was sweet.” Moments like that just remind me how important my family are and just how much I love them. IMG_20140716_144417_522

Anyways, I am feeling a little less wise since they took my wisdom teeth out but that could also be due to all the antibiotics they’ve put me on.

The answer to the fear is to stop avoiding it and just get it done because then at least it’s out of the way and you’ll never have to do it again.

From one swollen chipmunk face to another, it’s not that bad!

The Fear

Next week I have to do something, more like getting something done rather than me actually doing it. Now there is a part of this something that scares me. I know this all sounds like a badly written riddle but stay with me. Here is a section of a piece I wrote relating to my fear. Can you guess what’s happening next week?

I am alive but I can’t move. I am awake but I can’t speak. I am myself, but not myself.

The room around me is a ghost white, the only colour is the digital clock that reads 3:45pm. The machines around me beep and hum in symphony. My bed is positioned at an awkward angle, somewhere between asleep and being upright.

All will be revealed soon.

Honey tiny teddy cupcake recipe

IMG_20140619_181246_545It’s Uni holidays and i’m bored so here’s a recipe I tried during the week.

* 1 cup of white sugar
* 1/2 cup butter
* 2 eggs
* 2 tsp vanilla essence
* 1 and a half cups of self raising flower
* 2 tsp baking powder
* 1/2 cup milk
* Crunched honey tiny teddies (as many as you like, I crunched about ten)
* About 3 tbsp. of honey (add as much or as little honey as you like though

* A tub vanilla flavoured Betty Crocker icing
* Food colouring whatever colour you like. I opt for the natural food colouring just because I find it easier to make nicer colours.
* Honey (to taste)
* Tiny teddy biscuits to decorate
* Piping bag. I didn’t have a piping bag at home so I used a zip lock sandwich bag, cut off the corner and it worked the same.

1. Pre heat oven to 180 degrees fan forced and line oven tray with patty pans.
2. Cream together sugar and butter in a bowl. Beat in eggs and add vanilla.
3. Crunch up tiny teddies and add to mix. Add in flour and baking powder and mix well. Stir in milk until batter is smooth. Add honey and mix in well.
4. Bake for twenty minutes or until skewer comes out clean.
5. For icing add food colouring to Betty Crocker icing and mix. (I used about half of the can for 24 mini cupcakes.) Add in honey to taste and stir until combined.
6. Spoon icing in bag and squeeze onto cupcakes. Decorate with a tiny teddy in the middle of the cake.