My place or yours?

You know that place, the park, beach, or wherever it is you go, and when you’re there it’s just calm. It’s the place you go for clarity or just to get away from everyone and everything. Maybe not everyone has a ‘place’ like I do but I’m sure if you think about it there is somewhere that just seems to make everything else make sense. Well, let me take you to my place. 

It’s surrounded by city but you would never know. There’s no building in site and the only cars you hear are driving over the grate to enter the park. There’s endless bush land, walking trails and rushing water. The birds chirp, the crickets are noisy and the kangaroos sit in packs eating grass while staring at you. This is my place.  Shh don’t tell anyone!

Beauty lasts longer behind a lens

“I half expected you to bring your camera. I’m very surprised!” Braidwood

My friend and I went for a walk around the lake yesterday (7km, go me!) Needless to say he was surprised that I left half of me at home. I guess my cameras have become another set of eyes and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Beauty always does last longer behind a lens.

On a completely unrelated note here’s a photo from my broken polaroid.


Second one published!

I’ve been busy lately back at Uni and haven’t had much time to post but I promise I’ll post something more interesting soon. In the mean time check out my second book review that was published.