Book number nine

I just finished book number nine of twenty on my goals list for the year.

I decided to conform and read something everyone else seems to be obsessing over – The fault in our stars by John Green. I must say I liked it and the ambiguous ending made me like it that much more.

“It’s hard as hell to hold onto your dignity when the risen sun is too bright in your losing eyes.” – The fault in our stars, John Green

Looking for Alaska

Another thing on my goals list for the year is to read twenty books – today I read my eighth.

Looking for Alaska by John Green; think Perks of Being a Wallflower meets 500 Days of Summer.

The story follows the lonely character of Miles (aka Pudge), and his journey on finding his ‘Great Perhaps.’ He moves school and meets the Colonel and enticing, yet eternally messed up, Alaska Young. Now I’m not going to ruin the story but it is definitely one to add to your reading list. Posing philosophical questions such as ‘how will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?’ and obsessing over the last words of those passed; this read made me ponder how I would answer the questions it raises. In saying that, the book is not a completely morbid journey; the reader feels the highs and lows of Miles as he falls completely in love with Alaska and all her mysteries.

What is our ‘Great Perhaps?’ Does it really exist? And how do we escape our own personal labyrinth?